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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle: 'Guided Imagery and Surgery'

Tips For A Healthy Lifestyle: 'Guided Imagery and Surgery'

Dr. Weil's Weekend Tip, January 2, 2011

The use of guided meditation has been known to be extremely effective for relaxation and in the relief of a myriad of stress-related disorders. More and more positive results have clearly demonstrated the benefits of guided meditation through countless reliable scientific studies. So much so that Western Medicine practitioners are now integrating these techniques into their own practice to prevent disease, alleviate symptoms, and also reduce the level of anesthetic required in surgery. If your personal health practitioner is not on the page quite yet, you may want to do so yourself. For more, read below.

Guided imagery is the practice of concentrating on vivid mental pictures - which may be evoked by a practitioner or by an audio recording - to promote healing. If you are considering or facing surgery, you may want to add guided imagery to your list of preparations. There is a growing body of compelling evidence for the supportive role of the mind-body connection in facilitating healing, and guided imagery, in particular, may help augment the recovery process for surgical patients by:

1. Decreasing post surgical pain and the need for pain medication

2. Reducing the side effects and complications of surgery

3. Lessening stress and anxiety before and after procedures

4. Reducing recovery time

5. Improving sleep

6. Strengthening the immune system

7. Boosting self-confidence and self-control

If you wish to try guided imagery, consult an experienced practitioner about your challenges and goals. You may also choose to create and play personalized imagery CDs or MP3s both before and after surgery.

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