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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Don't miss this opportunity to recreate yourself inside out!


SoBe Bliss at an unbeatable price!

There is something deeper than the overall feeling of well being. It is so powerful, it even goes beyond looking and feeling great all the time. The South Beach Detox Team invites you to experience it for yourself and get a taste of the fruit of blissful living.

The Virtual Packages for The South Beach Detox are absolutely revolutionary and yet very affordable. Read the details in the press release below and forward this to anyone in your life you want to help, but don't forget the most important person to help is always yourself!

The South Beach Detox

Whether you are looking to lose weight, de-stress, rejuvenate or get a deeper experience of yourself, The South Beach Detox is all you need!

With our new comprehensive line of packages starting at only $99, virtual, local in-studio, or private, you're bound to find exactly what fits your need and pleases your budget too.

To Register call or email Alessandrina Lerner, Director of The South Beach Detox®, South Beach and Brickell, at 786-308-9552 or aleslerner@hotmail.com.


Could it Really Be True: Only Four Days to a Healthier, Lighter, Happier You without Surgery, Harmful Drugs or Deprivation?

The revolutionary South Beach Detox®, a four-day program of Yoga, Meditation and nutrient-rich, all natural supplements, brings proven weight loss, peace of mind and flexibility to people of all ages and all walks of life.

Miami, FL (November, 3, 2010) - With the plethora of dieting products and programs out there, it's not surprising that most people would be distrustful of any program that claims to bring weight loss, improved health and peace of mind in four short days. But that's exactly what the revolutionary South Beach Detox® does.

The South Beach Detox® is a ground-breaking program that combines the benefits of Yoga and Meditation with the amazing health benefits of E3Live® products, a combination of super digestive Enzymes, superior Probiotics and nutrient-rich Greens put together to support this highly innovative detox program. And if that wasn't enough, participants are guided one-on-one by locally renowned Yoga Master and owner of Miami Yogashala, Fred Busch, and Alessandrina Lerner, director of The South Beach Detox® programs at Miami Yogashala.

Busch and Lerner have been coaching individuals through The South Beach Detox® in the U.S., South America, and Europe for almost a year and are now preparing for the imminent launch of the virtual South Beach Detox®, a home-based version of the detox program which combines the same powerful elements but can be done in the comfort of the client's home and for about a third of the price, making this high-end detox extremely attractive to all in a time of limited budgets!

Benefits of The South Beach Detox® include increased energy, weight loss, strengthening of the immune system, regular bowel movements, mental clarity and, last but not least, personal transformation. Users also report a better understanding of nutrition and thus a better relationship with food. Roxanne, a business woman in Fort Lauderdale, reports, "The South Beach Detox® program has changed the way I think about food... The products used in the detox are fabulous, in terms of the way they make me feel, like how much stronger I feel when I take them."

E3Live® has been touted by health professionals and users alike. Dr. Baxter Montgomery of the Houston Cardiac Association uses E3Live in his disease reversal program specifically with cardiac disease and diabetes, and describes his own use of E3Live® in the following terms, "Within a few days of starting to drink E3Live® our team noticed a leap in our stamina during workouts, an incredible boost in mental clarity and focus and a decrease in appetite."

The benefits of Yoga and Meditation have been proven across the world for thousands of years now and the benefits of E3Live® have been confirmed by medical and health experts across the country. By combining both of these and having your own personal "coach" to help guide you, a brand new start to a healthier, more peaceful and happier you is just four days away!

For more information visit: http://www.miamiyoga.com/detox.html. or


Any statements and claims related to the South Beach Detox® and E3Live® have not been evaluated by the Food Drug Administration or any other federal health agencies.

About Miami Yogashala

Miami Yogashala, located in Miami Beach, is a holistic Yoga studio directed by renowned yogi Fred Busch. Miami Yogashala offers over 40 classes per week as well as Teacher Training Certification courses and the highly celebrated South Beach Detox® program. In an effort to bring Yoga and its benefits to inner city youth, Miami Yogashala will also be embarking on efforts to teach Yoga in public schools and train youth to teach Yoga to their peers. More information about Miami Yogashala and its next Teacher Certification course which begins Janurary 8, 2011 can be found at www.miamiyoga.com

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