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Monday, August 30, 2010


Volunteers will be selected for each studio, though all work will be done off-site. ONLY apply If you are serious and have a 1 Year Commitment potential...

The South Beach Miami YogaShala is actively seeking to fill two volunteer positions - as succinctly described below, in exchange for FREE YOGA.

1. PR Agent to distribute press releases - both locally, and at times, nationwide, maintain a "Yoga" Blog for us, as well as promote the studio over the Internet.
2. Someone with the required skills to put together a business plan, budget, and competitive analysis as necessary.

ONLY APPLY IF YOU ARE MOTIVATED, CREATIVE, SELF-DIRECTED, RESPONSIBLE AND LOVE YOGA. Applicants must have 9 hours per week available for trade.

The lucky few who join our Volunteer Program will receive one year worth of free Yoga in exchange for an agreed upon number hours of productive work.

If you'd like to volunteer for either one of these positions and meet our requirements, please contact Alessandrina Lerner at aleslerner@hotmail.com, with "Volunteer Application" in the subject line and the following information (in the body of the email)
Full Name
Cell Phone
Studio you are applying for
Position you are applying for
Your Yoga "history" and present status
Reasons why Miami Yogashala would benefit from your addition to our team
A photo of you (as a jpg attachment)

After a preliminary phone interview, you will meet with one of the Studio's partner for a final interview.

Good Luck to all and please only apply if you meet the requirements described above and are fully committed! This is a real job that requires a deep sense of responsibility and the fulfillment of important obligations over the LONG TERM!

"Miami Yoga Master, Fred Busch, joins hands with Celebrity Power Yoga Guru, Baron Baptiste, to bring relief to Africa through YOGA!”

For Immediate Release Alessandrina Lerner
August 25, 2010 aleslerner@hotmail.com
"Miami Yoga Master, Fred Busch, joins hands with Celebrity Power Yoga Guru, Baron Baptiste, to bring relief to Africa through YOGA!”
What: On September 19th, 2010 Miami will host the "Yoga Aid Challenge", a special 2-hour yoga practice to support great causes around the world. The "Miami Yogashala" team, led by Miami’s renowned Yoga Master and Top Teacher, Fred Bush, will participate in this charitable event in an effort to raise donations for Internationally-acclaimed Power Yoga Guru, Baron Baptiste’s “Africa Yoga Project”. All donations for the Yoga Aid Challenge are tax-deductibles and entirely (100%) benefit the supported charity (with all expenses supported privately).

To find out more about Baron Baptiste’s “Africa Yoga Project”, or our fundraising efforts, please visit:


When: Sunday, September 19th, 2010 at 11 AM

Where: The Sacred Space, 100 NE 25th Street, MiamI, FL 33137

Why: Every day hundreds of thousands of people are dying of unnatural causes in Africa alone. Whether it be Malnutrition, AIDS, or other Diseases directly resulting from extreme poverty, the level of suffering is quite simply unbearable and unacceptable in contrast to the opulence put on display in other parts of the world. The Baron Baptiste led “Africa Yoga Project” could be the answer to bring a shift to consciousness in the African community and bring wide-ranging long-term benefits to the local communities involved in the project. By empowering African people to become self-sufficient and in charge of their own destiny and injecting much needed financial funds into most affected poverty-stricken zones, the “Africa Yoga Project” shares the promise of a better future for Africa, one that we can all be proud to have participated in!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

"Change your life, make the world a better place with YOGA!"

"Change your life, make the world a better place with YOGA!"

Power Yoga Teacher's Training
Train to become a 200 HR E-RYT


"New Yoga Teacher's Training starts September 11, 2010"

30-day Intensive
10-week Training

Starting September 11, 2010, Miami Yogashala will be offering two 200-hour Teacher's Training (TT) programs simultaneously. The 30-day intensive TT program will be held everyday from 9am t0 3pm, except mondays. The 10-week TT program will run concurrently, with students meeting with the rest of the 30-day intensive group on week-ends from 9am to 5pm.

Also, for the first time ever, Miami Yogashala will be offering a training in 'Hot Power/Vinyasa Yoga", providing unique skills for future Yoga teachers to teach in what is becoming the most popular style of Yoga across America and the Western world!

The extensive Yoga Teacher's Training (TT) programs offered at Yogashala cover the following subject areas:

Asanas & Universal Alignment of Yoga Asanas
Yoga History and Philosophy
The Major Yoga systems: Bhakti, Raja, Karma, Jnana, Tantra, Kundalini
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (The eight-limb path)
Yoga Benefits
Physiology of Yoga Asanas
Anatomy of Yoga Asanas
Alignment and Adjustments in Yoga
Chakras, Doshas, Koshas and Gunas (introduction)
Principles of Bandhas (psychic locks)
Healing Sequences in Yoga (for injuries and pain management)
Introduction to Restorative Yoga
Developing a personal Yoga Practice
Food Talk: "Diet, Nutrition, and Health"
Teaching Techniques for Yoga
Pranayama and Yoga (breathing techniques)
Meditation and Yoga (meditation techniques)
Introduction to Sanskrit
Right Livelihood and the Yoga Teacher
Setting up classes, seminars and courses for Yoga

Both the Regular and Hot Yoga Teacher's Training Programs offered at Yogashala are registered with the Yoga Alliance and qualify for the 200-hour Yoga Teacher's Certificate upon completion of the Yoga TT program.

Both TT programs are led by Yoga Master, Fred Busch, Author of "A Clear and Definite Path", a must-read manual on how to change one's life through the Power of Yoga! Fred Busch, has over 10 years of experience leading Yoga Teacher Training Programs internationally. He is responsible for developing the highly effective Power Yoga sequences called the "Fred Busch Power Yoga" which include the highly successful and celebrated "Healing Sequences for Power Yoga". Sharing the presentation of the Yoga TT curriculum is Master Mark Giubarelli, an accomplished Asana, Pranayama and Meditation teacher, with many years of experience in Yoga.

Whether you aspire to become a professional Yoga Teacher, or simply wish to grow your practice to a new level, Miami Yogashala's Teacher's Training practice will take you there!
Register Today for the Yoga Teacher's Training!!!
Rates: $2500 Standard Registration
$2100 Early Registration

To register, please contact Miami Yogashala:

Location: Miami Yogashala
210A, 23rd St
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

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