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Monday, February 22, 2010

Page Readers talks with Allessandrina Lerner author of Essence of Love

Page Readers talks with Allessandrina Lerner author of Essence of Love

Listen to Alessandrina Lerner talk about her books, her radio show, love, life, spirituality...

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Saturday, February 20, 2010


Werd to the Wise

By Alessandrina Lerner

A Werd to the wise: if you feel the need for Spiritual Enlightenment in the Age of Cybersex, this novel might be just what you're looking for.

If you feel somewhat disconnected in the land of light-speed messaging, and a little lost or downright entangled in this World Wide communication Web we've weaved around ourselves, then it might just be a sign of the times ... that you are finally ready to take a quantum leap and leave the confines of your conditioned mind.

As you expand your mind, why not open your heart to Love and God too, through somewhat unconventional, I concede, but nonetheless authentic reincarnations of Shiva and Shakti?

Sure, they may think they're hip, speak the hood, and their frames of reference may be limited to Hollywood movies and Podcasts downloads , but their forthright modernity doesn't take away from their authenticity, charm, and inner wisdom too! Not unlike us, they too are lost souls who wish to merge back with the Divine. Ok, they may have become a little too caught up playing mind games and impersonating God, but they still long for the peace one finds upon reaching the blissful state of Nirvana.

Now, let's take a quick peak at the story... Shiva, hardly conscious of his Infinite Consciousness and having grown increasingly bored with epitomizing Nothingness, is willing to trade it ALL for a glimpse of experience. With his new mind set on exploring the limits of his Manly nature, he embarks on a journey towards the pleasures of the flesh, in hope that he'll find an outlet for his escalating horniness. All the while, Shakti, a frigid celibate who longs for the Nirvana one finds in merging with the Divine, is herself becoming uncontrollably infatuated with Lenny Kravitz, whom she confuses for God.....

In this perfect "Bermuda" Love triangle, which never takes itself seriously, you might lose yourself for an instant but you'll also learn what the enigmatic mystery of REAL LOVE is all about...

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Collection of Poems & Inspirational Writings

By Alessandrina Lerner, Amandine Love Lerner

There's a land beyond all illusions, where thoughts and words are superfluous and all judgments, prejudices, and concepts shatter. It's a land beyond space and time, one that's nameless, desireless, and selfless. It is perfect, simply because it is. And if you sit still long enough, quiet the mind, and listen to the sound current within, it will take you there. And once you reach onto the shore of Love, it will become the heart of all your thoughts, words, and deeds too.

Alessandrina Lerner invites you through simple yet penetrating poetry to embark onto a journey to discover this strange land that lies within each and everyone of us... Beautifully adorned with illustrations created by the author's daughter, Amandine Love Lerner, who at only 10 years old has already been a featured Artist at the world renown Art-Basel Exhibition, "Spiritual Metamorphosis" epitomizes the apotheosis of Alessandrina Lerner's poetic career. While this collection brings together poems written over the past 20 years, the majority of the work included in this book sprouted in the past year, which has proven extremely prolific and creative for the author. This poetry book covers a vast array of subjects ranging from racism, mind conditioning, and other man-made afflictions all the way to Love, Spirituality, and other Godly themes. This is a book about self-discovery, self-love, forgiveness, and ultimately personal transformation, the real "Spiritual Metamorphosis" kind...

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For more information on Alessandrina and Amandine Love Lerner, visit: www.letloverule.us

Life is a Poem

As a believer in Love, I see beauty and unity in all people, nations, philosophies and religions. Most importantly, I believe in the religion of the heart and see Oneness in all.

After years spent roaming, endlessly searching for what could bring meaning into my life, I realized it had always been there, right where I was, just waiting for me to find it.

Once I’d let go of my false illusions and idle pursuits, I discovered a Self I had been hiding from for what now seems like lifetimes, one that could lead me to fulfill dreams of another kind.

Work, occupation or career - regardless of how it may appear to the outside world - should not be one that you do without heart, but something that brings you endless joy and makes you high.

If you first aspire to make your world a better place, you will naturally initiate a shift towards a more harmonious world for all to live in.... Helping yourself will help others in ways you can hardly start to ideate. So remember to take time out of your busy day to truly live, the way God intended us to... Come out of your shell, light up the rooms that you walk in with your every smile, the melody of your enchantress voice and the suave dance your body was intended to play through life. Live up to the Artist that we all are, expressing a unique vision of your surroundings. Continually strive to recreate and embellish the beauty that you will start seeing all around you once you open your inner eye. Use any and all “Art” media that Life and Nature have provided you with to live up to your highest ideals and aspirations...

... For Life is indeed, an Art, a poem, from the very day it starts unfolding...

As we merge together into the now through the song of the rising birds, the swell of the ocean, the scent of pure jasmine awakened by the morning dew, the beauty of the red sun as it erupts endlessly day after day from Eastern shores and sets over Western blue lagoons and oceans, the taste of salty waves and heaven sent waters in the midst of a hot and humid afternoon spent underneath the tropics, the caress of the wind as it rustles through the leaves on its way to you and enlivens the promise of a million thrills when the gray cloud orders the outpour of sweet sensations flowing all throughout... A taste of childhood once forgotten and now regained...

And as you shed your layers, forget your name and all others, ask yourself what else is there but this moment?

That is The Essence of Love...

By seeding Love into the hearts of all that is in existence, I wish to see it grow into a fully blossomed flower that remains into all hearts for past, present and future generations to always feel Love. May this be the beginning of a beautiful journey we all take to the core of all that lives and manifests into all worlds... And always remember that appearances are never what they seem... Reach below the surface and you will find the essence of all there is to be...

The Essence of Love...

So, take a second to close your eyes and center yourself before you dive into...

The Essence of Love...

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Friday, February 19, 2010


Love is so much more than just a word, a feeling. It's the taste of life that flavors one's thoughts, words, and deeds, when you have found freedom.
If you'd like to enter that space, I invite you to roam the fields of Love with me, through this very special Poetry Book, "The Essence of Love" I wrote and that my 10-year old daughter, Amandine, adorned with beautiful illustrations.

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