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Saturday, January 22, 2011


“The South Beach Detox: “A cure for Anorexia?”

“A South Beach Yoga Studio develops a detox program that could hold the key to cure millions of young sufferers, mostly females, of Anorexia.”

While The South Beach Detox was not originally developed with curing Anorexia in mind, it most definitely has the potential to do so.

The South Beach Detox is essentially a cleansing program which main objective is to bring both body and mind to a state of perfect balance, ultimately promoting health, mental stability and vitality. Through
the combination of a flawless nutritional approach, a highly effective yoga
sequence, and a supportive awareness meditation program, the recipients of The
South Beach Detox experience a powerful personal transformation that melts away all conditioned
responses and unhealthy habits embedded in their old personality, leaving space
to create the New.

The synergetic effects of the components of The South Beach Detoxnormal""> literally propel you to the next level of performance on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels!”, says Yoga Master, Fred Busch, creator of The South
Beach Detox, who enthusiastically adds, “It’s not just that you’re feeding your body
with the most perfect food on Earth, creating the perfect balance between
exercise and rest according to your body’s needs, or that you are aware of the
state of perfect bliss you access when you really listen and heed your body’s inner
intelligence, it’s that you’re doing it all together!yes""> And, that doing it all together is what transforms you into
this powerhouse of endless energy and equanimity.yes""> Anybody who has experienced the magical metamorphosis of The
South Detox
bears witness that it partakes
of the principles of Alchemy!”

Because The South Beach Detox integrates all the elements necessary to “re-create” a person from scratch – i.e. at the cellular level, it is most suited for people suffering from conditions resulting from deeply-rooted complexes and mental impressions that
may already have crystallized themselves, not just on the mental but also the
physical level of their being, such as in the case of Anorexia.

Ranked #1 Superfood by renowned health authorities, the E3Live supplements, which form the foundation of The South Beach Detox,
represent the highest quality food we can bring to our body. This, of course, constitutes one of the
fundamental benefits of The South Beach Detox when it comes to Anorexia. Because in such extreme cases the body is so severely
undernourished, or even often starved, bringing it a perfect food like E3Live immediately restores its
vital balance. Appeased, the body
is now able to relax and allow the remainder of the miracle to start
unfolding. The combination of a
healthy exercise plan and a perfectly orchestrated “spiritual awakening” program
dissolves any trace of resistance, leading to a full surrender where the
recipients start to truly respond to their nutritional needs at the cellular
level. Soon, the appetite increases,
but because the food intake is intelligent and healthy, the weight gain takes
place at a very slow pace, which proves much more manageable psychologically in
the case of Anorexia. Finally, the
obsessive preoccupation with body weight, food intake, and excessive exercising
disappears and, free of fear, the sufferers of Anorexia are able to start
moving towards their natural body weight without a second thought.

Alessandrina Lerner, a recovering Anorexic, who participated in The South Beach Detox and was so enthralled by the results that she is now working with Fred Busch to disseminate the program says, “I
struggled with Anorexia for over 20 years, bouncing from Therapists to Recovery
Programs, AA Meetings to various Support Groups without success, then I
attended the Yoga Teacher’s training with Fred Busch.yes""> Through an intelligent and balanced approach to nutrition,
exercise/ rest, and a deep awareness of the processes involved in my unhealthy
eating habits, I soon found myself empowered to change all my habits and put an
end to the vicious cycle I had fallen victim to.yes""> As I watched in awe the personal transformation occurring
within my body and mind, soon emerged the butterfly that had been trapped in
its cocoon for so long. Thanks to
The South Beach Detox®, I am finally free of Anorexia, I am moving towards a
healthy body weight and I’ve never felt so good inside both my body and my mind.”

How ironic that what could possibly be the cure for Anorexia would be conceived in the heart of South Beach, renowned headquarters for the Modeling industry, a sector long plagued by the disease, and where it may most likely
continue to develop if industry standards don’t change.

Regardless of whether or not it is the miracle cure so many sufferers of Anorexia have been waiting for, it is without a doubt the most wholesome and effective detox program anyone could ever hope for!

For more information on The South Beach Detox (in relation to Anorexia, or not), please contact aleslerner@hotmail.com or visit us @ www.miamiyoga.com/detox.html

or http://letloverule.us/letloverule/Experience_Personal_Transformation.html

Coming soon, our new website www.thesouthbeachdetox.com

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